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Electronics Recycler Program in Massachusetts

Program Details:
Company: AAA CJ Environmental, Inc.
Address: 6 Merchant Street
# 5
Sharon , MA 02067
County: Norfolk County
Program Type: National Program
Services: • Donation Program
• Recycling
• Refurbishment
Web Address: http://cjenvironmental.com
Items Accepted: P3 Mother Boards P4 Mother Boards Daughter / Finger Boards Highly Populated Telecomm Boards Hard Drive Boards Floppy / CD Drive Boards Computer Power Supply Boards TV Power Supply Boards TV + Monitor (Carcass or Brown) Boards Printer Boards Cell Phone Boards Radio / Pager / Simple Electronic Boards Generic Telecomm Boards Low end Telecomm / Cable Boards High Grade Backplanes* Low Grade Backplanes* Unpopulated Gold Plated Boards Populated Gold Plated Boards* Unpopulated Tin/Silver Plated Boards Green Boards (No Components) Slot 1 Cards (No plastic) Slot 1 Cards (+ plastic) Server Boardss Large IC chips (in plastic tubes) Large IC chips/Eproms (w/o plastic tubes) Mixed IC chips Small / Flat IC chips EProms w/Gold Face Processors D4 / MACS (from P4 boards) Opteron / Fiber w metal backing AMD with & without CAP Black Fiber Green, Clean Fiber Pentium 1 Ceramic Intel Pentium Pros / Pentium 1 AMD K5 / 586 / 686 / i960 386/486 Pinless Cell Phones (no batteries) Cell Phones (with batteries) Cell Phone Lithium Ion Batteries Laptops Laptop Hard Drives Laptop Batteries PCU (whole computers) Hard Drives Power Supplies with wire/cord Power Supplies without wire/cord CD + Floppy Drives Memory (RAM) LCD’s Transistors Cable Boxes + Routers (whole) Modems Semiconductors Gold Finger Scrap SIM Card Scrap Sim Cards (still in plastic holder) Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) - Large Servers (whole) Small Servers (whole) Computer Fans All Computer Wire Printers / Copiers / Fax / Scanner
Certifications: Eco-friendly All waste recycled through R2 vendors
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday; 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Other Information: NATIONWIDE PROGRAM E-Waste Recycling & Electronic Refining IT Asset Disposal Data Destruction Mobile Buyback Solutions Free Pickup, Drop-Off or Shipping Service Get paid for your material
Quantity Accepted: All Quantities

Last Updated: December 08, 2014

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